Fed of feeling exhausted, rattled and worn out in the run up to Christmas? Collapsing in a heap on Christmas day, instead of feeling bright and energised?

Then lets do thinsg a little differently this year! Come and join me for the Healthy Advent Calendar 2018, where each day you can open a ‘little door’ of healthy tips, advice and inspuiration to get you safely through to Christmas.

We’ve all done it. The weeks leading up to christmas: taken on too much, all the work and project  deadlines seem to come at once, promised to do this that and the other, said yes to christmas do’s at a friends house AND promised to bring a plate of food, offered to help out at the local panto…. And do the shopping, cooking, cleaning, preparing, planning, getting stuff in the post on time….The list of all stuff that comes with Christmas is endless.


And at the very time we need to be taking extra care of our health, upleveling our self-care, boosting our immune system, and protecting our eating, drinking and sleeping habits like a momma bear, we DO THE OPPOSITE!!


So we get to Christmas Day feeling exhausted, frazzled and burnt out! Sometimes we even get sick. Because once the pressure is off, you realise just how tired, drained and even fed up you really feel, underneath all that Christmas jollity.


Let’s do the run up to Christmas a little differently this year. Together we can do this!

So before you do this, let me just introduce myself! I’m Dr Margriet and I am absolutely passionate about awesome natural health. The kind of health that has you brimming with energy, joy and vitality. I am an NHS GP, and I run a health clinic here in Suffolk where I practice as a functional medicine doctor and a health coach. Every day I see just how powerful even simple changes in food and lifestyle can be, and I want you to have this too. Especially at this time of year.


I have created something especially for you that will help you get to Christmas, feeling fit, vibrant and healthier than before! And avoid getting sick!

The Healthy Advent Calendar is your daily dose of:

  • Healthy tips
  • Self-care
  • Stress busters
  • Inspiration
  • Support
  • Mindfulness
  • Mood lifters


Each day there is a little nugget of ‘health wisdom’ to unwrap!

Something to help you relax, take just that little bit better care of yourself, feel inspired and invigorated in the month of December. So that you can feel healthy and vibrant this december. So that you get to Christmas day feeling great, happy and relaxed.


How do we do this?

Once you’ve signed up, every morning for the whole of advent, there will be a ‘little new door to open’! You will see healthy tips, inspirational quotes, practical stress busters and more…So that you can enjoy the run up to Christmas so much more, and get there feeling gorgeous!

And each week you will receive an email straight to your inbox with the of all that weeks’ tips, ideas and insights, for you to print off and keep. So that you can use these healthy inspirations again and again!

And the best bit is that the calendar is COMPLETELY FREE!

I am really excited about this, because I know that small steps taken every single day can make a huge difference to our overal health. And this is what I want for you.


You can get your very own copy, just sign up here, and you’re in!!